the war criminals of bangladesh liberation war should be punished without any mercy

19/05/2011 09:57

 We demand Capital punishment to the criminal against humanity in 1971

We, people of Bangladesh, celebrate our great Victory Day on 16th December and Independent Day on 26th March. At the same time, we observe 14th December as the Intellectuals Martyr Day with deep mourning.

We are proud of our seven “Bir Shrestho” along with all Freedom Fighters. We mourn for the Martyr who sacrificed their lives and for those women who lost their chastity for the sake of Independent Bangladesh.

On the other hand, “Jamati Islami” were dead against of the birth of Bangladesh rather they fought against our Great Freedom Fighters, killed innocent Bangali, raped young girls and women, robbed and fired as the collaborators of Paki Army.

The think tank of “Jamati Islami” Abul Ala Moududi and Golam Azam were giving speech in home and abroad especially Middle East and other Muslim countries in favour of Paki Army (whatever they were doing) and their fellow Motiur Rahman Nizami, President of the Islami Chhatra Shongho (later it became Islami Chhatra Shibir in Bangladesh), Ali Ahsan Muzahid, Chief of Al-Badr (this ferocious para-military force killed the intellectuals), Kamaruzzaman (who was achieved the notoriety as butcher and robber in that time in Sherpur) and many more executed their mission “to protect Pakistan” (!?) by killing, raping, robbing and handing young girls and women over their “God Father” Paki army. 

We are ashamed on watching our National Flag to be graced on that criminal’s cars and hearing the arrogant speech of those Jamaties. Such as, in 2007, Ali Ahsan Muzahid said “THERE IS NO FREEDOM FIGHTING OCCURRED IN BANGLADESH. .....THERE IS NO WAR CRIMINAL IN BANGLADESH.” LATELY, ITS ACTING “AMIR” MOKBUL HOSSAIN SAID “THERE IS NO ACTION ABOUT RECENT KILLERS THEN WHAT ABOUT KILLING BEFORE 40 YEAR?” 

The arrogant speech of the Jamati proves that they were involved in committing the crime in 1971. Now, if we celebrate our National Days, observe the Intellectual Martyrs Day, mourn for the Martyrs and if we are proud of the Bir Srestho, Freedom Fighters and the birth of Bangladesh; then what should we do about those Jamaties?

Truth and falsehood never go parallel. If we go for the truth, we must deny the falsehood. Simply if we love Bangladesh, we will have to hate the enemies of Bangladesh like those Jamaties. If we don’t want to disgrace our National Flag once again, we have to boycott those culprits politically and socially. But as a son of a Martyr, I do demand the capital punishment to the black sheep. 

I congratulate the Present Govt. for taking initiatives against those criminals on trial under International Tribunal Act. Go ahead the Govt. of Sheikh Hasina, we all patriot of Bangladesh are with you. Most importantly, Allah is with us. Allah is always with those who are with the truth. In 1971, two supreme power US and China were with them. But Allah was with unarmed Bangali. So we won the war. Though we lost our beloved ones but we got our desired Bangladesh. We do believe, we are with the truth. So victory will be ours.  Uncompleted